MEP & PHE Services

DI&P as an end to end consultant caters to all your infra development needs including MPE & PHE. From designing a solution to implementing it. We do it all & we do it flawlessly.

MEP & PHE Services For Happier,Safer & Healthier Buildings

Dwellings require water,power and safety, these are the very basic requirements of any modern living space. DI&P provides analytical MEP & PHE solutions. We provide it for industrial as well as residential/commercial projects. Our solutions are eco-friendly,economical and place reliability and safety on the top priority. Our ability to provide unique and innovative MEP & PHE solutions is based on our analytical and logical approach. Every project that we deal in starts with a requirement analysis and a future projection. Once our team is convinced that they have ascertained the optimal requirements, then the project commences and our clients get a solution that runs smoothly, has less faults and requires minimal maintenance.

Pipe design & Plumbing

Perfect planning for lasting performance
Poor planning in case of plumbing has adverse repercussions that are visible long after the building has been in use. Changing and correcting plumbing issues at that time is very costly and is a total waste of time. At DI&P, we immaculately plan the plumbing and piping for your building and then implement it perfectly for a lasting performance.

Rain Water Harvesting

Water saved is water earned

Fresh water is scarce and it is getting even scarcer with the passing of time. This is a very real issue and the one that affects all of us. Rain water harvesting is one of the ways that buildings can contribute towards recharging the groundwater. Our rain water harvesting systems ensure that nature is protected and your building always has a fair supply of fresh water.

Sanitary & Hygiene Management

Prevention is better than cure

Buildings are all about people and people are all about life. Creating a space that is lively and healthy is hence vital. That’s why DI&P provides the best in class planning and installation of sanitary and hygiene systems that ensures the health and hygene of those who live in them.

Drainage & Sewage Management

Waste has to be wasted properly

Owning a thriving building means a considerable amount of waste being generated regularly. This waste has to be handled and disposed off in a responsible manner. DI&P drainage and sewage management service ensures that your systems are planned and built professionally for hassle free operations.

Water Storage & Tanks

Nothing moves without water
Whether you have an industrial setup or a residential complex, water is one elixir that fuels everything. Responsible storage and movement of water in your building is essential, DI&P helps you acquire the perfect water storage systems with apt tanks to make things work in the correct perspective for you.

Gas Distribution systems

Safe, sturdy & reliable.

Natural gas or any other industrial gas supply is vital for profitable and safe operations. It is nature friendly and less polluting too, however owing to its volatile nature the gas distribution has to be handled carefully and safely. Our gas distribution systems are planned and built to be safe and sturdy. They also provide long lasting service with minimal maintenance.

Water Recycling Projects

Investing for the glorious future
Fresh usable water is a commodity that is limited and its demand is increasing by the hour. The best way to preserve water is to use it wisely and recycle it efficiently. DI&P water recycling project planning and implementation service provides you with flawless planning and execution of water recycling plants that are easy to deploy, manage and are economical to run.

Water Treatment & Filtration Systems

Systems that save water & utilise it properly
DI&P is expert in planning and building perfect water treatment & filtration systems that are easy and economical to run and maintain. We can help you preserve precious water and put it to efficient use. These systems help you curb water costs and save nature at the same time. Hence creating a win-win situation.