DI&P has a demonstrated success record in various infrastructure development disciplines. We have 30+ years of experience onboard that too of high worth national and international projects.

Lets align your infrastructure development ambitions with reality

We eat, live and breathe infra development. Our team is always anxious and curious to improve our methods and creativity. For us, construction of infra related business assets is more of an art than science. Using and developing technology that can improve the quality of our clients’ business life is our sole motive. That’s why DI&P has developed systems that take care of every infrastructure development need that you might have. Here are our key expertise areas that deliver exceptional infrastructure time and again.

Turnkey Project Management

Let our experience in providing turnkey project management solutions work for your next project. With 30+ years of experience onboard, we know how to get things right and execute infra projections without delays and complications. Having one of the best and most efficiently intricate networks of vendors globally, we have the prowess of executing your project within budgets and timelines. Our forte lies in executing multilocation complex turnkey projects. From liasioning to procurement & from construction to final handover and maintenance we take care of it all.

We understand that as a company you just cannot hire every expertise inhouse, that’s why DI&P becomes an extension of your company for the project. From deployment of ECM’s oversight of contractors, procurement, vendor management and keeping a check on finances, our expertise can help you manage everything that too without breaking a sweat. 


Quick and efficient planning and deployment of warehouses & PEB structures is our forte. We have expertise,experience & skilled manpower to meet your every need. With a PAN India resource network and manpower numbers, we have the capability to execute your warehousing and PEB projects at multiple locations at the same time. As our client, you just have to tell us your business objectives, our expert designers and engineers will ensure that you get the warehouse that utilizes the space optimally, is affordable and economical to run. Our designs are executed keeping the future requirements of your business in mind. With us you get a storage solution that will churn out profits under every business scenario. 

We are also masters of deploying leading WMS systems. Our technical expertise leaves nothing to imagination, from designing to optimizing warehouse as per the space constrains and layouts to creating systems that would predict operational demands and resolve them. With us you get a productive warehousing solution that is future proof and affordable.

We have developed a data repository for material handling, logistics and other modalities.


All we need is clarity of intent, rest our expert planners, compliance managers and engineers will take care of. From planning to final handover of functional industrial assets, our team has rich experience of delivering eco-friendly, legally compliant and safe assets within the budgetary and time constraints. With our expert liasioning, planning caliber and inhouse civil engineering capabilities, you can be sure of getting a solution that is affordable, efficient and is time sensitive. So, whether you need a commercial bakery or an automotive manufacturing plant or anything in between, we can do it & we can do it way better than your expectations. 

DI&P heavily relies on technology for factory construction planning. From initial blue prints to soil testing of the space, our advance inhouse software infrastructure ensures that no operational element like soil tests, material requirements, engineering team planning, work hour planning, quality control and interior plans are simulated before execution. All this helps in delivering the project on time.

Commercial & Residential Buildings

DI&P is fully capable of taking turnkey commercial and residential projects. As a client you would get the benefit of being with a competent team that can handle all the elements of the project without any third party intervention. For us the beauty of any commercial or residential building  project is in the details, that’s why the projects executed and delivered by us always have the human comfort and efficiency factor as the top priority. Our building projects are always built with special emphasis on caring for the environment as well as the dwellers. We start with the end in mind, it is our intent to construct a building that would last long and that too without issues.

With our capable team and ISO certified operations, we surpass every international building code that is not even existent in India. From safety to energy conservation, we create buildings that are future ready & lively for the dwellers.