Scope of Expertise

Partnering with DI&P means being with a Turnkey Service provider that has all the expertise to ace your project under one roof.

Design & Development

DI&P has its own architectural and engineering design lab. We have expert civil engineers and industrial designers with decades of real project experience. Creation of flawless designs that consider present and future needs of your infrastructure development needs is what we deliver.

Manpower & Technology

Infrastructure development is a human centric field. From engineers to ground level workers, we operate in a labour intensive environment. This is something that DI&P is never short of. With a dedicated HR department in place, you can be assured that none of your projects will ever be in jeopardy because of human elements. Our inhouse technology backbone ensures that there is a perfect balance between man and the machine.

Testing & Commissioning

Delivering half baked projects never happens with us. We have a dedicated department that tests and counter tests every procedure and infra asset before clearing them for productive use. Your project gets commissioned only when our testing departments are satisfied with the safety & functionality of the asset being deployed.

Manufacturing & Procurement

A vital part of any infrastructure development project are the raw materials and supporting assets that shape it into a productive asset. Our manufacturing and procurement department ensures that only the best grade of materials are used and they are procured from quality vendors at optimal costs.

Supply & Installation

At times your existing infra needs upgrades or maintenance. For this proper supply of requisite materials along with expert craftsmanship for its installation is desired. We are one of the rare companies that are capable of supplying you with the right elements as well as installing them properly.

Maintenance & Training

Our work does not stop at handing over the completed project. If you so desire, we can be of assistance beyond this stage. We have expert maintenance crew that can keep your infra asset in mint working condition for ages to come. In case you wish to have your own maintenance team in place, then we have the capabilities to train them to the optimal standards.