Running the business is important, but there are many things that supersede the profits. For us, caring for our team’s safety, health,work environment and their quality of life while at work is vital for our growth. Building a healthy and secure life while providing exceptional quality of service is what drives us ahead.


Thanks to the advancement in technology, the entire planet is one big, happy village. We are all connected and information now flows at the speed of thought. In this connected world if the good vibes travel faster than criticism travels even faster and with greater efficiency. That’s why it is important to maintain and enhance the quality of work delivered to our clients.

We take quality very seriously, that’s why we have processes and practices that surpass our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & 45001:2018 certifications. At DI&P, a dedicated team of procurement specialists and process specialists ensure that only the best quality of material is procured and used wisely in order to provide our clients ultimate levels of quality.


Being a provider of construction solutions means dealing with hazardous materials and work conditions on an on-going basis. This means that we have to protect our team’s health at every cost. For this we have regular training sessions on health care and have every protective gear that reduces the risk of hazardous exposure. 

DI&P has one of the best risk analysis systems in the industry. Before we start executing a project, our in-house team visits the location and makes an exhaustive list of safety measures to be deployed. They will then train the on-ground team on the risks involved and how to prevent them.


Safety during execution of projects is our top priority, that’s why we use every tool at disposal and every piece of functional knowledge to ensure that no harm comes even close to our team. DI&P uses global best practices for workplace safety. 

Apart from having the best safety equipment, we also have comprehensive insurance for the entire team. This further enforces our workplace safety stance and infuses confidence in our team as well as clients.


We are pretty aware of the environmental impact of our niche of work. Construction and industrial solutions are inherently polluting, but we ensure that we follow and implement every protocol in the book to ensure that our projects have the least negative impact on the environment. 

All our projects are pretty light on carbon footprint and we actively promote and endorse “green” building methodology in every project we undertake. Caring for the environment is creating a better world for the generations to come.