Core Values

The values that govern every facet of our business. These are the foundational pillars on which our entire service intent,expertise and delivery is based upon.

When your core is strong then your service delivery is flawless

Every business, even ours will only succeed when its core values are well defined and adhered to. Business is done by the mind and governed by the heart. That’s what we at DI&P believe and follow.

Here are the core values that define us and govern us.

Discipline for error-free projects

We are experts of civil engineering and allied works, for us discipline is everything. It is like a matter of life and death. Discipline as a professional trait helps us in meticulous planning and execution of projects. It is a vital core value for us, upon which our entire business is built.

Ingenuity to stand test of time

We believe in crafting innovation. Most of our process and operational tools are genuine and created by use. Our operational systems are crafted based on our experience more and on secondary data algorithms less. Our in-house experts make it a point that all our planning infrastructure is based on real life empirical experience that we have derived first hand.

Perseverance to overcome challenges

Even the best laid plans have hiccups, our experience teaches us that there are elements which are actually beyond human control and foresight. That’s why, we make conscious efforts to develop perseverance in our team. We take pride in finding the right course of action even when under immense stress.

Transparency beyond expectations

We are very transparent in our dealings. With a zero bribe policy in place, DI&P ensures that our clients get the best work done at the best prices. From every procurement to minor expenses, everything is reported to the client in writing with due acknowledgement. DI&P believes that it is our client that pays the salary of everyone in the company, he deserves to be in the right light under every circumstance.

Networking for reliability

The success of any turnkey & PMC consultant is highly dependent upon its liasioning and vendor network. DI&P takes immense pride in having the best global network of vendors and compliance experts. We deliver what we promise.

Reach for better scale

Our objective is to grow with our clients, that’s why our services are priced competitively and their execution is always premium. DI&P believes in fostering long term relationships with its clients, that can only be achieved by demonstrating value.