Industrial Solutions

We provide strategy,expertise and tools to make your industry become more efficient and economical. From simple signages to automation, if you need it then we can deliver it.

Lets help you boost efficiency of your Industrial operations.

Whether you own an established industry, or planning to set up a new one from scratch. DI&P can help you keep things greener, efficient and safe. In fact, we are the only industrial solutions partner that you would ever need to interact with. We are capable of expediting every industrial development need. From keeping your industry compliant to making it ultra-safe and modern, our expert consultants will see to it that your assets are well maintained and your industry is at par with global codes of conduct whether the local codes require it or not. With DI&P at your side, operational excellence is what you get.

Line Marking & Walkway Signages

Directional markings and signages for enhanced safety and efficiency
Line markings and walkway signages might seem to be a frugal element of your entire setup, but in reality it is crucial for the safety and guidance of your factory workers. The markings should be visible and easy to understand, the signages should be in multiple languages and should be legible enough to be read quickly. These are things that are often ignored or simply not paid much attention to. We at DI&P, have a professional habit of keeping things by the book and we always add our logic-magic to the existing guidelines to make things more safe.

Industrial Dust Suppression

Highly efficient industrial dust suppression solution for contamination free production
Industrial dust is a big issue for the production of goods as well as the environment. Industrial operations lead to production of fugitive dust, organic dust, mineral dust, metallic dust, chemical dust, biohazard particles and many more such pollutants that are hazardous for the final goods and products, our experts ensure that your peculiar case is well studied and a concrete dust suppression is installed.

Targeted Machine Protection

Additional layer of protection for sensitive machines

DI&P has expertise in providing highly efficient and customised targeted machine protection systems. We know that every industry has certain machines that need additional protection owing to their functional capabilities. So, whether your machine requires additional fire hazard protection or even electromagnetic shielding, we will get it done, that too with high degree of precision.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Impeccable disposal of minute industrial waste
Industrial production is laden with chemicals and other materials that need constant disposal of. These contaminants can have a negative impact on the workers health and have the capacity to damage machinery if not dealt with properly. Our industrial vacuum cleaning systems and solutions ensure that your shop floor or production facility is not only clean but is also healthy and safe.

Alternate Energy Solutions

Cleaner environment, more savings
Industries are huge consumers of energy, they need electricity,water and at times heat too stay productive. Conventional sources of energy, although conveniently available, are still polluting and the demand often exceeds supply making them expensive to hold. DI&P is one of the prominent consultant and commissioning firms for providing green energy solutions to the industries across the nation. Our solutions care for the environment and your pockets.

Warehouse Design & Setup

Logical designs for efficient use of storage space
Warehouses if built with planning can enhance your firm’s profitability by leaps and bounds. Our warehouse consultants are experts of designing and commissioning warehouses of every category and magnitude. No matter what your requirements are, we will help you plan it, build it and run it flawlessly.

Factory Design & Setup

Planning to production solutions
Every factory is different, every production procedure is different. Why run and engage multiple consultants when it can be done by a single professional entity like DI&P. From basic blueprinting, meeting legal and code requirements to making your factory production ready. DI&P can help you process every step of factory design and construction.

Industrial Automation

Minimal production wastage - maximum efficiency
The term industrial automation is often heard and seldom understood. It is a very technology centric industrial solution that needs deep knowledge of machines, their process and their interactions with sensors. Since every industry is different hence their automation is also a highly customised phenomenon. DI&P has a dedicated team of techies that have a proven track record of automating industries. If it can be done for your industry, then rest assured we will do it, that too within modest timelines and budget.