Fire Protection System

As a globally acclaimed EPC solution provider for fire protection and detection, we are fully compliant with every national and international fire protection standards.

Let your facility have the fire protection that it deserves

We build facilities from scratch so we know what kind of fire protection system needs to be planned and deployed for your building. This helps us not only plan the correct fire protection system but also provide a more economical and more suitable system that works for you & your assets. Depending upon the nature of your business, following are the fire protection systems that we design and deploy depending upon the need.

Sprinkler Systems

Low maintenance & highly efficient
When it comes to fire protection there is no one pill for every cure. You might be storing perishable and non-perishable goods in the same building or have any other fire hazard challenge. DI&P can craft a solution for you that is appropriate and works flawlessly.

In-Rack Sprinkler Systems

Efficient & affordable for all your products

DI&P creates in-rack sprinkler systems like no one else in the markets. Our deep knowledge of the racking industry enables us to design and deploy highly customized systems that provide unmatched fire hazard protection and helps mitigate fire risk for your precious goods.

Hydrant & Hose Reel Systems

Customized systems for ultimate levels of fire protection

We design and deploy hydrant and hose reel systems as per the rules and regulation of NFPA & FM global alongside the local guidelines. Our system designers ensure that you get the optimal levels of protection with zero compromise on compliance.

Fire Pump Rooms & Water Tanks

Absolute fire hazard mitigation and nothing else
For any fire system, the proper commissioning of the Fire Pump Room and the right requirement of Water Tank is to be fulfilled.Our fire pump rooms and water tanks are designed keeping the global standards and local guidelines on top priority thus providing you with enhanced levels of fire safety.

Pre Action Systems

When precise water discharge is vital for protection of assets
DI&P builds pre-action systems for your organization from the ground up.Pre-action systems are suited to those areas where water sensitive operations are conducted. Facilities that run on electronics or server rooms or archives holding valuable manuscripts are examples of the same. The system only activates the sprinklers when a confirmed mode of either single or multiple detections is done.These systems provide ample control to the facility managers to mitigate the calamity. Pre-action systems are electronically operated and involve calibration of sensors as per your particular need. That is something we do best.

Fire Suppression Systems

Immaculately designed fire suppression systems that provide full spectrum protection

We create custom designed fire suppression systems that cater to all the types of fire hazard that your industry might face. Our expert designers are well versed with the existing fire safety norms and are skilled enough to create a unique fire suppression system that is fail-proof and efficient using the most suitable suppression liquid or Gas that suits your requirements.

Oxy Reduction System

Collateral-Free Fire Prevention System
Traditional Fire Protection Systems work once the fire has started, they work wonderfully when triggered however there are always collateral issues that need to be borne. Oxy reduction systems prevent the combustion process from getting started by reducing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, hence providing ultimate levels of active protection and zero operational downtime.