ELV Systems

DI&P provides made-to-order and turnkey ELV systems for your facilities. Every industry and business has different ELV systems needs. No matter what your needs are, we can evaluate them and provide you with an ELV system that makes your facility secure,productive and lively.

Durable and efficient ELV system solutions for modern business

We believe that technology is for good and it should be used as much as possible for creating a more confident and secure workplace. Whether you run an automotive plant or a bank, there is always a need for ELV Systems that can help you keep your assets secure and manageable.

That’s why DI&P ELV system solutions go beyond the norms to evaluate every eventuality that your business might face before proposing a solution. We deal in full spectrum ELV systems solutions that are interconnected and have an ability to be calibrated to meet your specific needs. DI&P can design a whole building information system for you or can remodel your existing safety,access control and surveillance equipment to make them suitable for present times and changing needs. Having partnered with best ELV component providers, our ELV experts can provide a concrete solution that is future proof and cost effective at the same time.

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Mitigate every fire hazard
Fire is devastating for humans and machines alike. You can always rebuild your physical assets but human assets once lost are irreplaceable. Our fire detection systems are designed to mitigate every type of fire hazard and are specially calibrated to save life. Connect with us to know how we can help you enhance the security of humans and machines alike.

CCTV & Surveillance

Active and preventive measures for enhanced security
DI&P CCTV & Surveillance systems offer best in class security coverage for your facility. We always go for a customized approach while designing a CCTV & Surveillance system for your facility. Our engineers ensure that there are no blind spots in your facility and the hardware is suited to every operational condition that it might be subjected to.

Telecommunication Systems

Highly efficient communication solutions

Internal and external voice communication still happens to be the quickest and the most effective method. We can create a complete telecommunication system that is mated to your internal as well as external requirements perfectly. The system is designed to demonstrate the highest degree of uptime with least maintenance.

Public Address Systems

When being loud and clear is vital

DI&P designs and commissions high grade public address systems. These systems find their utility in facilities where the footfalls are high and a common communication needs to be quickly broadcasted. Our systems find utility in facilities like railway stations, bus terminals, airports and other such avenues that need a robust PA system.

Access Control Systems

Keep your facility secure

Given the present shift in people movement owing to the pandemic, access control systems are now an integral part of every commercial building. Our access control systems can be calibrated to accommodate your specific requirements. Know who entered and exited your facility and what they have been upto while they were here.

Vehicle Entry & Parking Management

Reduce delays enhance productivity

Specially suited to logistics facilities, our Parking management systems can be calibrated to enhance movement speed and bring order to your entire movement flow. Our vehicle entry and parking management system can help you bring order to the chaos and make your entire operations leaner.

Data Cabling & Network Management

For latency less data flow

Modern business operations run on the flow of data. Software is one part of the game however its the hardware and their sturdy connectivity that makes a significant impact. DI&P data cabling and network management service creates the best system that provides cheap low latency data flow for your entire company.

Building Management Systems

Create happy and efficient working space
DI&P BMS makes your building smart. Our BMS solution is a tailor made service that is designed to automate most of the operational monitoring and reporting of your facility. No more service downtime and shabby facility management. Your FM team knows what needs to be done, when and how. Talk to us to know more about it.