Civil & Interiors

Having one the best synergis between experienced civil engineers and artistic interior designers. We build strong and stunning buildings that stand the test of time.

Lets build buildings that look beautiful, are well planned & ready to stand the test of time

We don’t build buildings, we create them. For us, a construction project is more of an art than science. However, every project to date that we have undertaken and accomplished is actually a piece of scientific art. Creating spaces that offer aesthetics, security and utility is what we aspire to achieve with every project that we deal with. We believe that every civil and interior project should be lively and should radiate with vital energy. People walking in should feel the positive vibes and sense of security. That’s why we offer 360 degree civil and interior consultancy. From the first thought to the final handover of the building, everything is done by us. All you have to do is to move in and start working.

Civil Engineering & Survey

Perfect Geographics for robust construction

When you have to build world class engineering assets that would pass the test of time and would serve business utility for decades, then nothing can be left to chance. We provide complete civil engineering solutions that help you build assets right from the scratch. From conducting initial surveys, getting all compliance met to handing over of the complete project. DI&P does it all and it does it with confidence that is earned as a result of decades of real project experience.

Architectural Design & Structural Analysis

Design that wow’s & structures that inspire

At times you actually don’t know what to expect from your building, this is where our expert architects and analysts help you understand your own objectives better and help give shape to your infrastructure ambitions. We are masters of designing buildings that are future proof, efficient,green and robust enough to stand every rigour that your business might throw at it. From basic architectural designs to deploying that perfect building information system, DI&P can do it all and with precision.

Interior Design & Fitouts

Utility with aesthetics is what we are all about
We believe that your buildings should be an extension of your brand personality and business philosophy. As no two humans are alike then why should two buildings be. Your building should have positivity and should care for its dwellers and nature. Our experts ensure that your buildings look nice, are comfortable, energy efficient and safe. We use the highest quality interior design elements and fitouts that help your building look young and stay young for decades.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

When work cannot wait
DI&P is one of the most efficient PEB providers in the country. If your business requires quick deployment of infrastructure, then we can help you get things done. Our deep understanding of various industrial infrastructure requirements of the country enables us to provide quick,accurate and economical PEB solutions to our clients.

Contracting & Construction Services

Helping convert dreams into reality

We understand that industries and business houses have old relations and synergies that need to be fostered. We respect that in totality and have capabilities to work under the guidance of a third party. DI&P is an NBC 2016 compliant contracting and construction services firm. All we need is your construction plans, once we have them, then we can break ground anytime you wish us to. Your assets will be constructed and delivered as per your mandate and satisfaction.

Portable Structures & Retrofit Solutions

Putting certainty in a world of uncertain locations
DI&P has deep expertise in providing portable structures and retrofit solutions. We create assets that can be deployed, packed & moved at a very short notice. If your business needs a change of location, then you don’t have to invest in new infrastructure ab-initio, our solutions can make it happen for you, while saving you a significant cost and time.

Racking & Warehouse Installations

The best solutions on this side of the planet

No other service provider can even come close in terms of planning, execution and maintenance of racking and warehousing solutions to DI&P. This is one category of Civil engineering where we ace. We have decades of multi-industry racking and warehousing project planning and execution experience backing us up. Our solutions are modest and hyper efficient, do speak with us to know more about them.

Restoration & Rehabilitation

Infusing and extending life of old assets
From restoration of heritage sites to infusing some structural strength to our old factory, our services can help you get more juice out of your investment. Our restoration and rehabilitation services ensure that if your building still has the basic strength left then we will make it safe, environmentally friendly and extend its operational life significantly.