Vision and Mission

Every robust business is built on philosophy and the jist of that ideology is reflected by the vision and mission statements of the organisation. We also started with a dream that has now turned into a reality.

Our Vision

“DI&P aims at becoming the most trusted infrastructure development solution provider globally. We plan to have our presence in every major Industrial center of the world.” We are young and have a “solutions” mindset. We love breaking the norms, following rules and codes of our industry and surpassing them. For us construction is not a rugged profession but a holistic one. 

We have a growth oriented vision that is not limited to our companies growth but expands to the entire turnkey solutions genre in India. We believe in creating industrial benchmarks that others can follow and use for growth.

Our Mission

“DI&P is in hyper growth mode. Our focus is on building strong relationships in the Industry leveraging the goodwill that our exceptional service delivery bestows us with”

We are on mission to create systems and processes that would lead to creation of civil infrastructure that surpasses the tests of practicality and beyond.

We are also on a mission to make India a greener place thus paving way for a better future for the generations to come.