HVAC Solutions

From keeping your offices under perfect climate control to creating spaces that hold thermally sensitive goods and products, DI&P HVAC solutions can create every thermally regulated facility efficiently and effectively.

Solutions that keep your business ambitions thermally protected

DI&P HVAC solutions are completely scalable, that means from creating the perfect climate control module for your office to constructing a thermally stable supply chain asset, everything is possible that too within your policy and operational constraints. Whether you need a cold storage or a facility that can be heated or chilled as per the requirements, DI&P has the capability to design,deploy and maintain such spaces for you. Our HVAC engineers have decades of international exposure and experience and understand every critical element of creating a perfect thermal storage and space solution. We begin with evaluating your needs and end with a perfectly commissioned HVAC system for your facility. Our solutions are affordable and we keep “Nature & Environment” at the top priority while suggesting a solution to our clients. What you get is a perfect HVAC system that is easy to run and cares for the environment.

Heating & Cooling Systems

Complete thermal control
DI&P provides impeccable planning,designing and execution of heating and cooling systems. When a perfect multi-temperature environment is the need of the hour, be sure that DI&P will create one for you. Our systems are designed to be sturdy and economically efficient, they care for the environment too.

Ventilation Systems

Fresh air - everywhere

Ventilation systems are required both at industrial and residential settings. Our ventilation systems are calibrable to meet your changing needs, they are custom designed for you and are very economical to run and maintain. Do talk to us to know more about them.

Primary & Secondary Pumping

When precision is vital

We design and implement primary and secondary pumping systems that keep your hydronic objectives on top priority. Our solutions are highly rated for precision and accuracy, they are calibrated to take enhanced operational stress perfectly. Easy to run and maintain, these systems will help you meet all your operational objectives perfectly.

Cold Storage Solutions

Solutions that churn profits

DI&P creates custom designed and built cold storage solutions that are very cheap to operate and require less maintenance. We have the capability to provide a cold storage solution anywhere in India and our construction TAT is also best in the industry. Do give us a call to know more about them.

Humidity Control & Air Filtration

Where fresh and clean environment is desired

We create the best in class humidity control and air filtration systems. Our system design is compliant with every international norm and can be customized to meet your specific needs. The entire system is built on the promise of operational economies and sustainability. The systems are strong and sturdy and cater to the highest uptimes in the industry.

Clean Room Systems

Highly sanitized working environment

DI&P can help you create completely isolated clean room systems for chemical/biological storage and operations. Our clean rooms can be made in any size that you require and they provide the highest level of security and safety. Perfect for those industries that handle bio-sensitive materials. Do connect with us for a solid solution.

Hot & Cold Water Plants

Get the water that fuels your growth

DI&P can implement the best hot and cold water plants solution for your industry. We cater to both residential and commercial needs. Our solutions are expert led and we have the capacities to execute your projects anywhere in the country and that too with minimal TAT.