Electrical Systems

DI&P has aced the electrical systems conventions and methodologies for the industrial environment. We can help you build a reliable electrical system that saves on wastage and is highly rated for security.

Empowering The Power Systems For Your Infrastructure

The industrial world is moving towards electricity for conducting their operations. Electricity is greener and cheap when compared to conventional sources of energy, however it has to be managed and dealt with properly.Modern industries are powered by “Power”, the machines that are prominently used in industries are fueled by electricity. With greater stress on reducing pollution and carbon footprint, more and more industries in India will eventually shift to electricity powered machines and tools. All this means a greater reliance on electrical systems that are robust and safe. DI&P, owing to its better understanding of the industrial ecosystem of the nation, knows for a fact that if an industry fails to plan its electrical systems well, then it is destined for catastrophic failure.

That’s why we provide complete electrical work solutions from power generation systems, cabling to load analysis and distribution in a single project proposal.

Power Generation

Economical power generations solutions

Modern industries are powered by electricity. Electricity is clean to use but can be polluting to generate. At DI&P we provide end-to-end consultancy and plan implementation for industrial and residential power generation solutions. From Solar to Wind, if it can be done economically and efficiently, then rest assured we will provide you with an unmatched power generation solution.

Power Distribution & Cabling

Efficient flow of electricity

DI&P provides perfectly planned and laid out power distribution and cabling solutions for your residential and commercial projects. We have an expert team of electrical engineers with great national and international professional exposure. Do connect with us to know more.

Lighting (Internal & External)

Making things bright

Serious projects and infrastructure need serious lighting solutions. We are masters of providing seamless internal and external lighting solutions. Our lighting solutions are crafted keeping your operational budget in mind, hence providing a solution that is feasible from any perspective you see.

UPS Systems & Backups

The work shouldnt stop

Power interruptions should not slow down or halt your business operations. With power outages being a fairly common occurrence in our country, DI&P UPS systems are deployed keeping all your operational factors in mind, thus providing you with a solution that keeps you running.

HT & LT Solutions

Solution for every need

Whether your industrial facility needs a HT or LT connection, our team ensures that you have a solution that keeps your power needs on priority and provides a safer and economical solution. Seamless power supply is what you can expect from our HT/LT solutions. Connect with us to know more.

Communication Works

Uninterrupted flow of data and words

From your data cabling, wifi routing, gateway setups to your basic telephony cabling. DI&P can handle it all and that too with precise planning and accuracy. We create communication infrastructure that will always pass every stress that you put it through.

Load analysis & calculations

Safer, efficient and reliable

High power operations need the highest grade of uptimes, that can only be made possible when your load analysis and calculations are accurate. Our electrical engineers and their processes will ensure that your industrial operations are never hundred due to electrical breakdowns.